Advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise


A new lease on life for commercial and retail property

An enduring image of the COVID-19 global pandemic was that of empty shopfronts as, one after the other, retail and commercial premises closed for business. In South-East Queensland, the grim picture was exacerbated by the collapse of the tourism industry, a double whammy from which questions soon shifted from how the region would recover, to if it would recover.


Company directors and the order of the phoenix

The mythological phoenix was a magnificent bird that rose from the ashes to begin a new life. It has long been a go-to metaphor in the corporate sector, especially when businesspeople and entities rise from apparent ruin to flourish once more. However, the phoenix also describes a business practice that new Australian legislation is striving to stamp out. The so-called Phoenixing Act has been in place since February 18 and it carries ramifications for company directors.


What happens if I die without a will?

In 2018 an Australian research organisation conducted a survey that found more than half of Australian adults – almost 10 million people - don’t have a will. While Queensland was the state with best take up, the survey found only 50% of adults here have made a will. The survey did not address how many of the people who have wills may have wills that are incomplete or ineffective. Most of us are aware that we should have an appropriate will in place to deal with out estate after we die, but for a variety of reasons – most commonly that they simply haven’t got around to it yet – people are often reluctant to undertake this important process. It is important to understand what happens if someone dies without a will, and why it important that if you make a will, it is prepared correctly and effectively.

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