5 Common Questions When Considering Estate Planning In Australia

At Ballantyne Law Group on the Gold Coast, our will and estate planning lawyers are qualified specialists in these serious and sensitive legal processes. Where possible, we provide fixed professional fees for this work. When that is not possible – generally in more complex cases – we still provide cost-effective, transparent and time-costed services, with no surprise charges for photocopying, petties, postage and sundries. Read our latest blogs on 5 Common Questions When Considering Estate Planning In Australia .


Should I restructure my business?

Restructuring is a process through which a business reorganises its operation to maximise earning potential, suit current circumstances, and improve capacity to meet obligations – including debt. From our offices in Southport on the Gold Coast, Ballantyne Law Group's commercial lawyers can answer all your questions about restructuring. Should you decide to proceed, we keep you fully informed throughout, making sure you understand and adhere to all legal requirements around compliance and other issues.


3 Frequently Asked Questions On Taking Ownership Of A Business

Starting a business with friends is exciting, but don't let complacency override sound business practice. Talk to Ballantyne Law Group about the value of shareholder agreements.


Advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise

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