How a Creditor’s Statutory Demand can help you to be paid?

None of us enjoys sending payment reminder notices, let alone repeatedly. If you are not being paid, Ballantyne Law Group's Commercial Law team can help by issuing a Creditor's Statutory Demand on your behalf.


What is an Independent Advice Certificate and why do I need one?

These days, borrowers and guarantors are increasingly required to obtain an Independent Advice Certificate in relation to loans. Ballantyne Law has a strong record in these documents, which need to be taken seriously.


Top 3 property law changes to start 2022

As the Queensland property market continues to boom, latest legislative reforms will affect buyers, sellers, property owners/managers and tenants. For best quality legal services across all areas of property law, contact the expert team at Ballantyne Law Group.


How does COVID-19 affect estate planning?

As the global pandemic continues to impact our lives, economy and health system, it is more important than ever to have an estate plan in place. At Ballantyne Law Group, our estate planning team can help you create an estate plan or review and amend an existing one.