When, why and how lawyers work with accountants

You might be surprised to learn just how closely lawyers and accountants work together. Ballantyne Law Group's services in commercial law, property law and estate planning regularly require collaboration with accountants to deliver best results for our clients.


5 issues that can threaten your business partnership in Australia

While business partnerships begin with shared optimism and goals, they quickly can become vulnerable. As a leading commercial law firm on the Gold Coast, Ballantyne Law Group covers all areas of business partnerships, including expert legal support if and when problems arise.


Three things you need to know about binding nominations

When it comes to the distribution of superannuation benefits after your death, a binding nomination is one of the best options – as long as proper measures are in place. Ballantyne Law Group’s Gold Coast estate planning lawyers can help you with this important process.


5 Common Questions When Considering Estate Planning In Australia

At Ballantyne Law Group on the Gold Coast, our will and estate planning lawyers are qualified specialists in these serious and sensitive legal processes. Where possible, we provide fixed professional fees for this work. When that is not possible – generally in more complex cases – we still provide cost-effective, transparent and time-costed services, with no surprise charges for photocopying, petties, postage and sundries. Read our latest blogs on 5 Common Questions When Considering Estate Planning In Australia .

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